Home Bible Study

Please watch a introduction video of the Search For truth home Bible Study

We offer a free Home Bible Study call Search for Truth. This is a 10 week course taught in your home or where ever else the need is.

You will get a very good understanding of the bible starting in Genesis and wrapping up the last two lessons on the book of Revelation:

You will found out the answers to questions like

"How many people were in Noah's ark?"

"Why the Jewish people are Gods chosen people?"

"Where did Israel get it's name?"

"What about the tabernacle?"

"Who was Jesus"

"Is there healing for us today?"

"What must I do to be saved?"

What About the end times?"

and many more questions will be answer during the course of this study.

Each lesson is about 45 minutes long with question and answer afterward.

Church membership is not required nor do you need to attend our church.

The following lessons are covered in Search For truth

Lesson 1 - Creation Through The Flood

Lesson 2 - Human Government Dispensation to Egyptian Bondage

Lesson 3 - Birth of Moses to Entering the Promised Land

Lesson 4 - Crossing into Canaan to End of Old Testament

Lesson 5 - Coverage: General View of New Testament, to Christ's Earthly Ministry

Lesson 6 - Who was Jesus Christ to the Crucifixion

Lesson 7 - Coverage: Resurrection to What Does It Mean to Believe on Jesus?

Lesson 8 - Coverage: The Gifts of the Spirit to the Dark Ages

Lesson 9 - Coverage: Former Rain and Latter Rain to Vials of Wrath Poured Out

Lesson 10 - Coverage: Battle of Armageddon to White Throne Judgment