Frances Day, missionary to Bangladesh

Prior to joining the Associates In Missions program, Frances was involved with community service.

She served in her home church in Thorp, Wisconsin, on the prayer team, teaching home Bible studies and as the hyphen leader.

After serving in Bangladesh under the AIM program for four years, Frances was appointed as an associate missionary.

While serving in Bangladesh she taught at the Guy E. Roam Bible College and was president of the Ladies Ministry and the youth leader.

Frances also assisted with two Apostolic Youth Corps trips, India in 2015 and Bangladesh in 2018.

In 2017 Frances received her general license with the UPCI.

Frances has been preaching, teaching and hosting ladies' conferences, both in Bangladesh and in America.

She is also TEFL/TESOL Certified (teaching English as a second language) and was a teacher at Abundant Life Christian Academy in Thorp, Wisconsin.

In May 2019 Frances received her intermediate missionary appointment to Bangladesh.