A.C.T.S. Program

This is one of our lessons on Alcohol that we teach every Thursday at the Pittsfield, Maine Library starting at 6:00pm. Everyone is invited and lessons run about 45 minutes.

Rev. Peggy Riley of High Praises Light house of Madison


Rev. Howard Of Detroit Apostolic Fellowship of Detroit

Rev. Howard is certified in the Life in Focus Education program called A.C.T.S. ( Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series) Drug Education developed by Rod Carpenter to go into jails or groups that would like a very good drug education program.

This is a faith base program that deals with the addition as well as the spiritual problem.

Rev. Howard has taught this program at the Franklin County Jail in Farmington, Maine and the inmates really like it.

The inmates have told me many times that the A.C.T.S program one of the best programs coming to the jail.

Pittsfield Public Library

Pittsfield Public Library

110 Library St.

Pittsfield, ME

Enter in through green side door facing Library St.

Listed below are some of the topics we cover.

This is subject to change because the drug scene is constantly changing.




What Drugs do to the Body



Synthetic Marijuana




Other kinds of Drugs

Domestic Violence

(This is covered because this is a big problem with addition)